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Biofuels – Green and stable energy of the future? September 17, 2006

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The always amazing Vinod Khosla has an excellent video on Biofuels you should check if you are interested in new trends and technological progress.

Vinod Khosla

Vinod (check his CV) is one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems and long-time partner at the legendary Kleiner Perkins and has recently started his own VC fund called Khosla Ventures.

He basically argues that Biofuels will be the next source of energy because they are much better on so many levels:

– Much greener, reducing CO2 emissions

– Geopolitically more stable as it would reduce dependency on Middle-East countries

– Cheaper, as production costs are lower

– Easy to switch as it would not require important changes (as opposed to hydrogen)

– Tested, as Biofuels are already 70% of the fuel used in Brazil

His arguments sound very compelling to my logic mind so I have tried to find counterarguments, which there are more than enough specially attacking Vinod’s assumed energy efficiency of biofuels.

All in all my conclusion is there is still a lot of controversy around our future energy (I went to an interesting hydrogen debate at LBS 15 months ago), and only time will tell how our children will put in the tanks of their cars…

Stay tuned 😉



1. Branson to create clean Virgin Fuel « MARIO’S CORNER - September 29, 2006

[…] Very interesting promise: Within 1 year Virgin Fuel will be available and work for Virgin’s transportation vehicles at a lower-than-gasoline cost. Wow! Ties in excellently with a previous Vinod Khosla post. “It will be called Virgin Fuel, yes! It’s not ethanol-based as such, but it’ll be a clean fuel. And if we’ve got it right, it could be a very important breakthrough. We think this fuel will work in cars and trucks and trains within a year.” I specially liked Branson’s phrase which exactly reflects how I think about entrepreneurs as wire balancing artists, permanently at risk following a thin line to success. […]

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