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YouTube reaches landmark deal with Warner Music September 19, 2006

Posted by mariobc in Entertainment, Internet.

Warner Brothers has been very aggressive lately in the digital market, e.g. closing a deal to distribute their movies through Bittorrent, leading the move of Hollywood studios towards digital distribution in order to avoid the Napsterisation of movies.

A new deal has just been announced with YouTube that allows YouTube to use all Warner Music videos, and even allows users to use the IP (Intellectual Property) in mashups and mixes.

WOW!!! What a change of direction. From threatening to sue platforms like YouTube or Bittorrent to actively leveraging them as promotional tools for their products.

Welcome to Web 2.0 -> where the rules are changed all over and media & entertainments gets re-invented!!!

BTW this is the second deal with one of the “BIG 6” media groups after a previous deal of YouTube with NBC (Universal)



1. matteo - September 19, 2006

Hi Mario,

I share your views – I’ve blogged about it too: http://matthewhickey.wordpress.com/2006/09/19/you-tube-an-alternate-approach/

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