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Viacom discovers kids don’t want their MTV online September 20, 2006

Posted by mariobc in Entertainment, Internet.

Interesting article from Wall Street Journal on how MTV is not capturing the online buzz with their offering. 

MTV’s stumble has lessons for major media companies watching the explosion of video on the web.

In the closed confines of cable TV, where competition is limited, MTV protected its niche by portraying itself as the iconoclastic outsider.

But the web is free-for-all, and the roster of competitors grows every day.

MTV, now part of the establishment and late to the game, wrongly assumed its famous brand name and product would have the same resonance online”

The law of evolution/business: survival of the fittest! As simple as that, and this time the revolution is really coming to video contents, not like in the über-hype 5 years ago.

MTV, wake up and re-invent yourself online or prepare to fall into oblivion!




1. bananasfk - September 20, 2006

I’ve never seen mtv, but im european and never bothered with cable (pay tv). Yes I’ve heard of mtv and the diigial tv we have (free) has lots of free music tv channels on.

Does mtv do anything I should not be missing – not that I am aware of, can i get free music yes. do i want mtv, or Ruperts Murdochs biased view on what should be on tv in europe – no

Consider the european market too.

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