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Apple’s new products – new target: our living rooms September 27, 2006

Posted by mariobc in Entertainment.

It´s already 2 weeks ago, but I have to post this excellent coverage of Apple’s recent announcements regarding iPod.

dsc_0979.jpg new-shuffle.jpg

It’s just too cool to be true – just look at the new Shuffle – a microclip! (what an amazing form factor!) – It has been inmediately put on my wishlist for my fitness workout…

Apart from the revised nano, the new ipod movie store (initially only Disney movies – no coincidence, Jobs is on the board there) and some other cool details, for me the biggest announcement is the codenamed “iTV”, a box that will allow you to have itunes on your TV.

First because Apple never makes announcements on such a low development level (as it puts pressure on them and reduces quality of final output) and second because it clearly shows Apple’s continuing thrust to be THE entertainment product company and to get fully inside our living rooms.

Together with technologies like the FrontRow and Coverflow iTV will help form an easy-to-use video solution that “just works” and allow Apple to conquer the mainstream just as iPod has done before.

While I agree that Microsoft Media Center has much more advanced, specially TV and PVR related functionalities (link1 link2) I also believe that Apple is on the right track, and is favourite to finally close the TV/PC convergence circle.

The jury is open – choose your favourite – and let the games begin!!! 🙂



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