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Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 7.0 October 18, 2006

Posted by mariobc in Internet, Microsoft.

After a long wait, Microsoft has finally launched its new explorer (download here to check it out).


They have basically copied what can be considered the 4 killer features of Firefox:

– Tabbed browsing and bookmarking

– Integrated RSS browsing

– Configurable search box

– Optional add-ons created by users/3rd parties
They added some minor innovations to it like a “printing optimizer” to shrink very wide pages or tab selection using thumbnails. They also promised increased security protection against phishing etc…

It’s worth taking a look, it certainly catches up with innovations and adds some new stuff, but I will not switch until I have compared it to Firefox 2.0, which is coming out as a final release before the end of this month, although a pre-release version is already available for the impatient.

Happy browsing! 🙂



1. Kari - June 2, 2013

Now then boys lets just calm down, have a relaxing hot bath and a mug
of cocoa.

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